Apple Watch Series 5: the best Apple smart watch?

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest smartwatch to be released by Apple, packing in superb features and comes with a new design that gives it the title of the ultimate smartwatch. The new model is an upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 4, and features added extra modifications replacing its predecessor with superior capabilities.

Some of its latest features are the always-on screen, its revamped GPS with the addition of a Compass, watchOS 6 and its range of colors making it one of the highest premium looking smartwatch in the market right now.

In this article we’ll be discussing about the Apple Watch Series 5 design, display, software and battery, and let you know if it is worth upgrading to. So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Apple’s new smartwatch.

Design and Hardware

Comparing the design of the Series 5 to the Series 4 and you’ll notice nothing has really changed except for the new titanium finish option for the Series 5 which is quite lighter than the aluminum on the Series 4.

The Series 5 watch the same shape from the Series 4, with its edge-to-edge display and curved looks which are reminiscent of its predecessor. Also the digital crown is still placed at the side, which serves as a Home button and can be used for scrolling aside the touchscreen.

In terms of hardware it packs a 64-bit dual core S5 processor with 32GB of onboard storage. It is about 10.7mm thick and comes in two sizes 40mm and 44mm.


The Series 5 features a 1.78-inch OLED display with the new always-on feature which means you don’t need to tap your watch before the display comes up on the screen.

Although almost every other smartwatch in the market have always-on displays, but you can only see the time. The always-on display on the Series 5 is a little different, as it can detect how bright your environment is and adjust itself according to the environment in which you can still interact with the watch.

The display dims automatically when inactive making the time and other important details visible on the screen.

Software and New Features

Although you can get the new watchOS 6 update via OTA on the Series 3 and 4, if you feel you don’t need the Series 5. Aside from watchOS 6 on the Series 5 new features includes a new feature that allow women to track their periods on the watch, Heart rate monitor, Cycle Tracking app and a new calculator app.

There’s also the Compass app which takes advantage of the watch’s built-in magnetometer. With Apple also using the Compass to create its own Maps app, which can show which direction you’re facing while using it. Also Apple released its Compass API to third-party apps developers for creating apps for the smartwatch.

The Compass works in a smart way by showing you trails and shortcuts you can take to reach a destination. It can also figure out where you are on a Map and show you the nearest location in case you are lost. It is the ideal smartwatch for campers and hikers.


The Series 5 battery average battery life is around 16 hours of use, when compared to older watches such as the Series 3 and Series 4, it’s not that great as the older watch Series last much longer than that. One of the battery draining culprit is the new always-on feature. Rival smart watches from Samsung, Fitbit offer better battery life to the Series 5 battery life.

Attractive design with new titanium finish optionStill not compatible with android
Fantastic health featuresBattery life is shorter compared to previous models
Always-on display is excellent and responds to change in ambience 
 Very helpful Compass 


The Apple Watch Series 5 is undeniably the best Apple smart watch in the market right now. It comes with all the great features and design of the Watch Series 4 with newer upgrades such as the always-on display, the intuitive Compass, upgraded health and fitness capabilities. If you are an iPhone user and you are looking to get a smart watch, then the Watch Series 5 is the smart watch for you. The 40mm size starts at $399 while the 44m with LTE costs $520.